About the Iota-Upsilon Zeta

The Iota-Upsilon Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was established on May 2nd 1959 at East Carolina University. At Lambda Chi Alpha, our mission is simple. We inspire and equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service and leadership. Lambda Chi Alpha envisions a world where the ideal man pursues a life of respect for all. A world where we support and encourage one another. And a world where every Brother models and embraces our values: loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Lifelong Brotherhood

Lambda Chi Alpha embodies the essence of Lifelong Brotherhood, emphasizing bonds that extend well beyond university days. We pride ourselves on nurturing a community where friendships and support outlast the collegiate experience, providing a steadfast network of brothers. This enduring connection ensures that, regardless of life’s path, the fraternity remains a constant source of camaraderie and shared values. It’s this deep sense of brotherhood that not only enriches our lives but also upholds the fraternity’s legacy of unity and loyalty.

Personal Growth

Lambda Chi Alpha offers a transformative journey, fostering personal growth in a supportive environment that shapes members into confident leaders and well-rounded individuals. Through mentorship, leadership opportunities, and a culture of continuous improvement, it cultivates an atmosphere where every brother can thrive and discover their fullest potential. This process not only prepares them for the challenges ahead but also instills a lasting sense of confidence and purpose.

Leadership Opportunities

Lambda Chi Alpha provides experiential leadership opportunities that enhance competence and character, both within the fraternity and across ECU. Through hands-on roles, community projects, and collaborative initiatives, members develop essential skills that shape them into effective leaders. This experience not only builds character but also prepares brothers for impactful leadership in their future endeavors.