Rushing a fraternity is a significant milestone in a college student’s life, offering a unique blend of brotherhood, personal growth, and a wide array of opportunities to engage in during and beyond university years. Lambda Chi Alpha at East Carolina University, the Iota-Upsilon Chapter, embodies the quintessence of fraternal life, providing an enriching experience that extends far beyond mere college affiliation. We have over 1,100+ initiated members and were established in 1958.

Why Lambda Chi?

Lambda Chi Alpha stands out as one of the most comprehensive fraternities, with a rich history and a strong foundation in academics, athletics, leadership, and social development. With over 275,000 initiated members, it is not just a testament to its size but to the impact it has had and continues to have on its members. The fraternity’s ethos is built on the principles of brotherhood, equality, and lifelong learning, ensuring that each member is given the opportunity to thrive in a supportive and dynamic environment. The concept of fraternity extends beyond the simple idea of a social club; it’s about creating a bond that lasts a lifetime. Lambda Chi Alpha takes pride in being a community where members can find support, understanding, and encouragement from their brothers. It’s a place where lifelong friendships are forged, and where members are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves.

What do we do?

As a potential member, you can look forward to joining a chapter that is actively involved in making a difference both within the university and in the broader community. Lambda Chi Alpha’s diverse range of activities, including intramural sports, social functions, and philanthropic efforts, ensures a well-rounded collegiate experience. Financial commitments are transparent and contribute to the fraternity’s operations, events, and legacy, emphasizing the lifelong commitment to brotherhood and the values Lambda Chi Alpha upholds. The recruitment process is designed to be as informative and welcoming as possible, allowing prospective members to learn about the fraternity, meet current members, and find their place within the brotherhood. With Lambda Chi Alpha, you’re not just joining a fraternity for your college years; you’re becoming part of a legacy that will support and inspire you for life.

How to sign up

For those interested in taking the next step toward joining Lambda Chi Alpha, the East Carolina University Inter-fraternity Council (IFC) offers a formal recruitment process that provides a comprehensive introduction to fraternity life. Through a series of informational and social events, potential members have the opportunity to meet with various chapters and find the one that aligns with their values and aspirations. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about the Iota-Upsilon Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, please reach out to our Recruitment Chair, Cam Little. We are excited about the possibility of welcoming you to our brotherhood and embarking on this journey together.

Initiated Classes

Theta Class, Fall 2023

Eta Class, Spring 2023

Zeta Class, Fall 2022

Epsilon Class, Spring 2022

Delta Class, Fall 2021

Beta & Gamma Class, Fall & Spring 2021

Alpha Class, Spring 2020 (Re-founders)